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Donor Levels

We believe that you have what it takes to become a Legendary Donor! Once you reach this elite status, we will send you a special t-shirt, with an unlocked badge of your choice on it, to thank you for impacting amazing causes and help show your support. Are you up for the challenge?!

Support the causes you care about to rank up and become a Legendary Donor!

Simply Donating Rookie Donor

Rookie Donor

0 donations

Simply Donating Junior Donor

Junior Donor

4 donations

Simply Donating Pro Donor

Pro Donor

10 donations

Simply Donating Expert Donor

Expert Donor

18 donations

Simply Donating Master Donor

Master Donor

28 donations

Simply Donating Legendary Donor

Legendary Donor

40 donations

Achievements and Badges

Below are all of the achievements you can complete and badges you can collect by supporting causes on Simply Donating! Choose your favorite categories by selecting a button below or scroll down to see all of the donation challenges!

All-Inclusive Badges

Support amazing causes to collect all of these badges!

All Inclusive National Giver badge

National Giver

Support all 10 causes at least 1 time each

All Inclusive World Giver badge

World Giver

Support all 10 causes at least 2 times each

All Inclusive Lunar Giver badge

Lunar Giver

Support all 10 causes at least 3 times each

All Inclusive Solar Giver badge

Solar Giver

Support all 10 causes at least 4 times each

All Inclusive Galactic Giver badge

Galactic Giver

Support all 10 causes at least 5 times each

All Inclusive Universal Giver badge

Universal Giver

Support all 10 causes at least 6 times each

Simply Now Badges

Support the Simply Now cause to collect all of these badges!

Simply Now Messenger Pigeon badge

Messenger Pigeon

1 donation

Simply Now Town Crier badge

Town Crier

2 donations

Simply Now Newspaper Delivery badge

Newspaper Delivery

4 donations

Simply Now News Broadcast badge

News Broadcast

8 donations

Simply Now News Website badge

News Website

16 donations

Simply Now News App badge

News App

32 donations

Animals Badges

Support the Animals cause to collect all of these badges!

Animals Pawesome badge


1 donation

Animals Turtley Rad badge

Turtley Rad

2 donations

Animals Legendairy badge


4 donations

Animals Beary Kind badge

Beary Kind

8 donations

Animals Fintastic badge


16 donations

Animals Dinomite badge


32 donations

Education Badges

Support the Education cause to collect all of these badges!

Education General Education Diploma badge

General Education Diploma

1 donation

Education Associate's Degree badge

Associate’s Degree

2 donations

Education Bachelor's Degree badge

Bachelor’s Degree

4 donations

Education Master's Degree badge

Master’s Degree

8 donations

Education Doctoral Degree badge

Doctoral Degree

16 donations

Education The Professor badge

The Professor

32 donations

Environment Badges

Support the Environment cause to collect all of these badges!

Environment Arctic Willow badge

Arctic Willow

1 donation

Environment Desert Cactus badge

Desert Cactus

2 donations

Environment Savanna Grass badge

Savanna Grass

4 donations

Environment Forest Tree badge

Forest Tree

8 donations

Environment Rainforest Tree badge

Rainforest Tree

16 donations

Environment Ocean Coral badge

Ocean Coral

32 donations

Food and Shelter Badges

Support the Food and Shelter cause to collect all of these badges!

Food and Shelter Snack Shack badge

Snack Shack

1 donation

Food and Shelter Bread Bunker badge

Bread Bunker

2 donations

Food and Shelter Appetizer Apartment badge

Appetizer Apartment

4 donations

Food and Shelter Soup Suite badge

Soup Shelter

8 donations

Food and Shelter Taco Tower badge

Taco Tower

16 donations

Food and Shelter Meal Mansion badge

Meal Mansion

32 donations

Health Badges

Support the Health cause to collect all of these badges!

Health Hopeful Heart badge

Hopeful Heart

1 donation

Health Healing Heart badge

Healing Heart

2 donations

Health Hardworking Heart badge

Hardworking Heart

4 donations

Health Healthy Heart badge

Healthy Heart

8 donations

Health Happy Heart badge

Happy Heart

16 donations

Health Huge Heart badge

Huge Heart

32 donations

Human Services Badges

Support the Human Services cause to collect all of these badges!

Human Services People Person badge

People Person

1 donation

Human Services Passionate Patron badge

Passionate Patron

2 donations

Human Services Nice Neighbor badge

Nice Neighbor

4 donations

Human Services Charitable Citizen badge

Charitable Citizen

8 donations

Human Services Phenomenal Philanthropist badge

Phenomenal Philanthropist

16 donations

Human Services Honorable Humanitarian badge

Honorable Humanitarian

32 donations

Simply Donating Badges

Support Simply Donating to collect all of these badges!

Simply Donating Thank You badge

Thank You!

1 donation

Simply Donating Much Appreciated badge

Much Appreciated!

2 donations

Simply Donating Very Thoughtful badge

Very Thoughtful!

4 donations

Simply Donating It's An Honor badge

It’s An Honor!

8 donations

Simply Donating Super Grateful badge

Super Grateful!

16 donations

Simply Donating Absolutely Speechless badge

Absolutely Speechless!

32 donations