For Nonprofits

How much does it cost to be featured on Simply Donating?

It’s free! There are zero fees for your nonprofit to be featured on Simply Donating.

What is the process to be featured on Simply Donating?

  1. We reach out to qualified nonprofits and invite you to join our Simply Donating community.
  2. If interested, qualified nonprofits are added to your respective cause’s waitlist. When there is an opportunity to come off the waitlist, you advance into our Feature Pool. At this time, there are 12 spots for each category (except Simply Now) in our Feature Pool.
  3. Every calendar year, the nonprofits in our Feature Pool are randomly assigned to one of our quarterly cycles.
    • If a nonprofit opts out or becomes disqualified before it is featured, the next nonprofit on the waitlist will replace it.
  4. After receiving your cycle placement, you will need to:
    • Sign a mutual licensing agreement, giving us permission to use each other’s logos, names, and other trademarks on our websites. (only if it’s the first time being featured or the term of the previous agreement is ending)
    • Fill out a short form, allowing you the opportunity to describe what you do in your own words and what impact donors will have by contributing to your cause. (updated every year to have the most current information)
    • Provide a logo as a .jpg or .png image (square dimensions preferable).
  5. You are featured! For each category, donations will be evenly distributed to the three featured nonprofits at the end of each period. We will send a check in the mail at the end of the cycle. Simply Donating takes a 5.2% service fee from each donation to cover the transaction fees primarily and help support our operating expenses.
  6. After your cycle is completed, you will remain in the Feature Pool to become featured again in the next calendar year, as long as qualifications are still met and you still want to collaborate. If you did not enjoy your experience and do not want to be featured again, let us know and we will update the Feature Pool and terminate our mutual licensing agreement.

How can my nonprofit join the waitlist?

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a featured nonprofit and we will start our vetting process. Also, nonprofits that have received an email from our Executive Director extending an opportunity to be featured on Simply Donating are able to join the waitlist.