How We Qualify Nonprofits

How are featured nonprofits selected?

This is the process we use to approve nonprofits to be featured on Simply Donating. We base our qualifications on current ratings (based on accountability, transparency, and impact), missions/beliefs, and how confident we are supporting the charities.

1. We compile nonprofits with the highest ratings from reputable sources. These sources evaluate nonprofits on financial responsibility, transparency, and impact.

2. From these top-rated charities, we include the ones that represent our featured causes and have missions/beliefs that we think most people would support. Since the donations on Simply Donating are split evenly among the featured nonprofits, we want to ensure donors are comfortable contributing to all three. We research the nonprofits further to confirm consistency in public benefit.

3. We then evaluate charitable commitment and qualify those that meet our standards. We understand leadership plays a huge role for nonprofits, but we believe a stronger community impact is made when a higher percentage of the donations go directly to the cause. For nonprofits with millions of dollars in expenses, any organization with an individual executive taking 5% or more, or a combination of leadership taking 10% or more every year is a significant amount to us.

If a nonprofit meets all of the qualifications above, we will send them an invitation to join our waitlist. You can learn more details about how this process works here.

4. We re-evaluate organizations every month. We continually assess the nonprofits in the Simply Donating community to ensure they maintain their high quality work. If any nonprofit improves to meet our standards, we will invite them to join our waitlist. On the other hand, if any no longer meet our criteria, we will remove them from our waitlist.

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